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VIDEO content is KING
We help local businesses generate multiple quality videos at a low cost to boost online marketing.

How does adding a team of local, highly motivated freelance videographers to your team sound to you?

Some of our lovely clients...
Types of videos for businesses
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
Testimonial videos
Showing potential customers that you already have satisfied customers is the perfect way to convince them.
Landing page videos
A short video on the front of your website can efficiently explain who you are and what you do.
Internal training videos
Share valuable information within your organisation by creating custom video content for your team.
Animated videos
If you have a complicated concept to explain, drawings, images and moving graphics will bring your ideas to life.
Event re-cap videos
You put a lot of effort organising events. Video lets you get more value out of them by keeping a record that can be used in future.
These are just a few types of videos businesses might require. Tell us what message you want to share and we'll help you to make it happen.
Video Creation Specialists
We want to create lots of great video focused on your business. Find out why our method is best.
High Quality
We use the latest cameras and gadgets to ensure crisp, clear and enticing video. Then we use the best editing software and techniques to make your video world class.
High Volume
This is the key to winning video in the online world. We focus on producing multiple videos (min. 15 per session), each of which can be a standalone engaging post. That's enough content for at least 6 months of posts!
Low Cost
How can it be high quality and low cost, I hear you say?? Simple. We have a streamlined process that gets us from initial meeting to final videos by embracing LEAN and Japanese CANEI principles.
Fast turnaround
Everything is instant in the online world today. Because of our streamlined processes, we can deliver final photos and videos that are ready to share online in a matter of days after the shoot.
We are local
Our sole focus is on businesses in the place we are lucky to call home: Tayside. Our clients are based in Perth, Dundee and in the surrounding beautiful countryside. We want Tayside businesses to be the best in the world at Online Marketing.
We just "get" online marketing
Maybe it's because we are millennials, or that we both have lots of technical and business experience. Whatever it is, let us add a creative spark to your team and help you look your best with online videos.
We're a Tayside-based videography team, here to provide local businesses with world-class online marketing solutions. Pick and choose what you need from our services!
Video Content Creation
You've got your Facebook page. Regular posts, great photos. But you don't have a constant stream of the all important videos. That's where we come in. We're your team of friendly local videographers that can give you a constant stream of quality videos focused on your business and objectives.
Online Marketing Strategy
You've already got the Facebook basics done and dusted. Your website is SEO optimised and you have a growing mailing list. We can help you take it to the next level. There's a method to the madness when it comes to online marketing, and we can help you crack it and unlock new customers and sales.
Online Marketing Management
You (or your team) are already posting content to the socials on a regular basis. We can help with that too if you're struggling to keep up with feeding the social media machine. We can also:

  • Set up and manage email marketing campaigns
  • Optimise your e-Commerce
  • Help you define your brand guidelines
  • Online Ads: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat etc
  • And more... Just ask!
Ideas for your online video campaign
We take a structured, results based approach on all our projects. It starts with the question: What can video help your business achieve?

Here are just a few ideas for video campaigns we could work on together.
Once potential customers have seen your competence on your website, they go to social media to check you out. They want to see if you have personality and spark.

A well planned series of videos can showcase your business' personality through the faces and smiles of your employees and customers.
With the crushing skills shortage in Tayside and high competition for top talent, it's important that you show that potential employee that yours is the place they want to work.

A series of videos of your employees talking about their work and what it's like to work for you can help to distinguish you from the rest.
Your current customers and fans want to continue to engage and be part of your community. They will lap up any content that you send their way.

To them, the more you share, the better. So let's make a series of interesting videos about your business that will make your fans feel closer to your business and values.
How we work with you
Initial meeting - Create a Storyboard
You've decided that we can help you win with online videos. So we'll come to you and work together to come up with the most effective online video campaign that we can run together.

The outcome of this meeting is a Storyboard that details the type and style of videos we'll make together.
Filming Day/s
At a time convenient for all concerned, we will set up our equipment at the agreed venue and spend as much time as required to get all the footage to satisfy the agreed Storyboard. We will plan the day/s meticulously to minimise disruption to your business.
Editing and post-production
We then put all the footage together into engaging videos and share them with you to ensure that we are always in line with your brand and the message we are delivering.

Our aim is to have a 24 hour turn around time for the initial draft videos, but the feedback process with you will take as long as it needs to.
Final delivery
Once all the back and forth is done and you are satisfied with the outcome, we will make final delivery of all photos and videos.

If required, we can then start a new series of videos or campaign at this stage, so the process repeats from the start.
Who we are
We're a dynamic team of 4 (and growing) that is passionate about business and online marketing. We "get it" when it comes to social media and online videos.

Let us be an extension of your team.
Gavin Ritchie
Gavin has been a photography enthusiast from a young age. He's got many years of experience running his own business and loves taking charge of video shoots and finding the best angles - while keeping everyone smiling for the camera.

Here is a link to his other business and passion: Scottish landscape photography.
Karen Sawkins
Marketing Lead
With a background in Business and Social Policy, Karen is our designated Social Media expert and business developer. Not only is she savvy when it comes to making connections online, Karen also loves offline networking at events and conferences.
Bravo Nyamudoka
Bravo is an entrepreneur and internet native. He works behind the scenes to make sure everyone has everything they need to provide quality services to our clients.
Let's do this! Let's make some awesome video for your business
Get in touch for a no-obligation chat. We'll even throw in a free online marketing audit of your business.
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